Friday, January 8, 2010


The story so far:

I have a couple of friends, Becca and Nate Junior. They are a beautiful couple, and they also make music together under the name Duover. That's a link right there. Go ahead and click on it, listen to it all. We'll still be here when you get back.

All done? Good.

So not only are they beautiful people, they make beautiful music, and they wanted to share that music for free with all of their friends. Which is when Nate made the best/worst/best decision ever: Send a Facebook message to 100 people he knew letting them know that they could go to this site and listen to their album.

Seems innocent enough, right?

At first, all the messages he recieved back were very positive, but from the beginning there was an obvious problem. You see, when you send out a message to multiple people on Facebook, there is no way to respond to just one person within that message. Every response within the Duover message was relayed to everyone that the message was originally sent to. So every time you delete the message from your inbox, it would return as soon as soon as someone sent a reply. Annoying, non?

And it was annoying, and some people began to protest, myself included. So now the thread is populated with congratulations and complaints. There is no way to turn it off as long as people keep responding to it. Nate tried to get Facebook to kill it somehow, but (I'm guessing here) got no response. All he wanted to do was get his music to his friends in the best way he could think of, but sometimes the best intentions have the worst consequences. Everyone was pissed.

And then.... The Internet happened.

I'm going to leave the rest up to you to read. It may not be the best thing that ever happened to the Internet, but it did happen, and it should be preserved somewhere for all of us to see. That is my purpose here, and I hope that you all enjoy. I'll keep it updated as the thread continues.

Once again, go listen to Duover. It's pretty awesome.

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